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Core Values - What Makes Us, Us

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

To establish and maintain a great company culture, our executive leadership team developed a "Vision Document"—an outline for each of our core values and why they matter. Through making the document, we examined the history of our company, our founders, their philosophy on customer service and business; and we looked inward at our own personal beliefs and values. As these were laid down on paper, five core values emerged which we believe represent our company as a whole.

United We Conquer

For us, this means working together to achieve success and tackle challenges. Two important aspects of teamwork are understanding and communication. If teams lack strong communication, they'll likely not understand one another, causing a stagnating or declining slope of success. We believe in working together and motivating each other every day to create a united front for our Jones Twine Family.

Committed to Excellence

To us, this means a dedication to making our business great through hard work, efficiency, and perseverance. We believe in prioritizing our time and projects in a way that allows us to be better each day and never settle. This value is prevalent in how our team members show initiative and commit to doing whatever they can to complete tasks in excellent ways.

Christlike Character

In our company, this is not directly related to religious beliefs but instead based on life principles such as integrity and honesty. We believe in serving others and showing kindness to everyone. When you walk through our doors or give us a call, you'll be sure to see this value shine through.

We Take Care Of Our Customers

Our founder, Ronnie Jones, did this best through reflecting his caring and kind attitude towards others. Ronnie believed in providing a great customer experience to further create a long-lasting impression. Today, we still strive to provide customers with the best experience possible. Whether that be through phone, email, social media, or in person — we are here to serve.

Always Growing

Lack of growth prevents a commitment to excellence, our second value. We seek improvement in both our business and employees. We encourage lifelong learning for our employees in both their personal and work lives. Investing in the individual will lead to higher long-term success and growth for the company. We also encourage employees and departments to set challenging quarterly goals, which are broken down into milestones. As we hit milestones and reach our goals, we celebrate success and strive for even more growth.


To live out our values to the fullest and achieve success as a whole, we must fully commit to them. This means living by these even when difficulties arise. We believe these five values will help to keep us moving in a successful direction. We look forward to all that may come in the future by putting in the work today.

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